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The trust of our customers, business partners and employees is our most valuable asset. Honesty, integrity and conduct in compliance with relevant laws are prerequisites for this. 

To this end, we are guided by business and ethical standards, applicable law and guidelines. We must demonstrate this every day. 

We rely on the help of every individual to prevent and combat harmful misconduct in the workplace. This is the only way to uncover compliance violations at an early stage, identify perpetrators, prevent further damage and safeguard jobs.  

We want to effectively protect you as a whistleblower and, with the help of our external data protection officer, offer you secure communication for submitting anonymous reports:

Mr.Erich Zimmermann:  

  • Tel. +49 621 30696731 

You remain completely anonymous here, unless you wish otherwise!

More information on this (Which reports can I submit and how? What is the reporting procedure? How can I remain anonymous? etc.) can be found in the information provided by our data protection officer, see