The Brütting Diamond-Brand line is the modification in design and fabric of the Brütting Handmade line. This further development leads towards modern but timeless silhouettes, redesigned brand logo, innovation in fabric by still sticking to the tradition to produce 100% „handmade in germany“.

Brütting Diamond Brand Timeline

Our trainers are crafted on the characteristic curved shaped Lydiard last, which had been developed by Eugen Brütting and Arthur Lydiard, a famous running athlete and coach from New Zealand in 1970s. The Lydiard last adapts the anatomical shape of the foot (curve) and implements the three natural touch points of the foot (ball of the foot, middle foot, heel) to the ground. The foot stays in its natural shape.  

By combining the different makings AGO in the front (instep region) and Strobel stitching in the back (heel part) of the trainer the shoe upper is able to embrace the last like a sock. The result is to produce an anatomical shaped trainer with the benefit of a perfect fit like a second skin.