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299,00 €

The GA-Trainer represents the modern and most luxury interpretation of the legendary Bundeswehr Trainer! The style dates back to the 1970s and early 1980s, when our manufacture was involved in the production of a shoe for indoor sports of the Bundeswehr! Our new and modern version of the German Army Trainer (GAT) is made on the original BW-T 10 last. Handmade in Germany

  • Soft 100% cowhide leather upper with suede trim.
  • Natural rubber outsole in honey-coloured BW 504.
  • for flexible rolling behaviour when walking and running
  • Perfect sole profile for good grip during indoor and street sports activities
  • Padded and removable insole in beige cowhide leather
  • Full beige leather lining
  • Padded cowhide tongue
  • Discreet branding with the Brütting Diamond Brand logo
  • Waxed cotton laces
  • Supplied with shoe bag
  • Size: take 1 size bigger
  • Handmade in Germany